Sunday, November 13, 2011

In memoriam.

Terry Glavin is dead.

Not me, the other one. A really, really good man. His death came to my attention only today.

Terence Michael Glavin was a committed, dedicated, hardworking and effective idealist. From his younger days teaching immigrant railroad workers how to speak English to a career in CUSO and then CIDA, his contributions made the world a better place. After his time in Jamaica he found himself, for all intents, the first Canadian High Commissioner to Bangladesh, after that country's independence was recognized when it broke from Pakistan in 1972. He went on from there to serve in Haiti and Guyana / Suriname, and then Africa.

Over the years, our paths crossed - almost. More than once I was mistaken for him, and he for me, in casual introductions. I once got a letter from one of his highschool sweethearts, and I thought it was from one of mine that I had forgotten until I realized she was a heck of a lot older than me and when I read the bit about what a great dancer I was, that clinched it. Must be the other guy.

As far as I can determine he was a very distant relation, the descendant of a branch of the family that had emigrated from Ireland ages ago, and if I'm not mistaken they settled in the Ottawa Valley.

Sleep soundly, Terry.


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