Thursday, November 03, 2011

A book review of sorts. Brandon Rosario is a cheeky fecker. Good for him, too.

Best review of my book yet, and by a 20-year-old cub reporter, Brandon Rosario, in the UVic student newspaper, The Martlet, if you don't mind.

Okay it's not really a book review, but still, it gets to the guts of it. He went through his notes from an hour-length interview and picked the sauciest quotes too, the wee beggar.

“I could have interviewed [the Taliban] anytime I wanted . . . but that’s something I won’t do, I confess, I am a partisan,” says Glavin. “If I had the opportunity I’d call in the fucking drones, make no apologies for it.”


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“A lot of people in this country, who set the parameters of the public debates . . . pundits, columnists, opinion makers and trend setters, who whine about reporters [that are] embedded with the military in Afghanistan, are themselves embedded up their own ass.”

He-he-he.... Good one, TG.

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