Friday, November 11, 2011

Imran Khan Is A Liar.

Farhat Taj: "His ideas are uncritically accepted by his urban supporters who have no clue about how FATA was ‘won’ by the Taliban. Imran Khan may win the next elections with the support of the military establishment whose strategic agenda he is religiously promoting, but he must remember that — as told to me by several tribesmen across FATA — ‘tribal memory dies very hard’. This implies that the tribal people will never forget what al Qaeda and the Taliban did to them. Imran Khan must remember how he might go down in the tribal memory: standing with the assassins of those sons of the tribal soil who gave their lives in resistance to the Taliban and al Qaeda. "

All here.

Earlier: Imran Khan is a has-been cricketer and multimillionaire playboy who wants to reach out to the Taliban and supports Pakistan's fascist blasphemy laws.

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Blogger James O'Hearn said...

It's Imran Khan's cachet as a cricketer that powers him politically, more than anything else. He is a has-been, as much as Wayne Gretzky is a has-been. That is, he is to Pakistanis what Wayne Gretzky is to Canadians. Combine in the other stuff, and that's a powerful force to be reckoned with... long lasting tribal memories or no.

It would be hard to find a Canadian analogy, due to our relative lack of religious fervor, but I can think of an American equivalent:

It would be like Joe Montana stepping up, bible in hand, to take the reins of the Republican party, epitomizing the two great religions of the land.

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