Sunday, November 13, 2011

About "our" culture as much as it is about "their" culture.

My preoccupation with Absurdistan, I mean.

This past week: An except from Come From the Shadows in the National Post on Monday, another excerpt on Tuesday. Elsewhere, the fine British blog Harry's Place is running excerpts/snippets. Here, here, here and here.

Tomorrow, this is going to be amusing.

One of my concerns is the hysterical amnesia that animates the public debates about Afghanistan. I'm in favour of remembering.

The way Canadians will remember Afghanistan years down the road was the subject of a piece I wrote for the Canada's "Metro" dailies, for Remembrance Day. And the way we will remember and honour our soldiers' sacrifices in Afghanistan was the subject of a half-hour conversation I had with Jordi Morgan of the Maritime Morning show out of Halifax, on Remembrance Day.

Eyes right:


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