Tuesday, February 24, 2009

“Faith Without Fear” Screening On International Women’s Day


CASC Event Draws Attention to the Impact of “Talibanization” on Women in Afghanistan and Around the World

VANCOUVER February 24, 2009 – On International Women’s Day, it’s more important than ever to recognize that in Afghanistan, women’s rights are under siege. A film screening in Vancouver of Canadian activist Irshad Manji’s “Faith Without Fear” on March 5, hosted by the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee aims to draw attention to the threat to women’s freedom and basic human rights inherent in not speaking out against extremism and cultural relativism.

“The film touches on the themes of self-censorship and cultural relativism, two issues which often characterize debate over Canada's role in Afghanistan,” says CASC co-founder and long-time Afghanistan human rights worker Lauryn Oates. “But the film also explores how extremist ideology is being used to justify inhuman acts like the unequal treatment of women within religious or cultural communities.”

Says CASC President Dr. Karim Qayumi: “Traditionally and historically, Afghans have a great deal of respect for women. The Taliban, by enforcing extreme ideologies, deny not only the basic human rights but also rights that the Afghan women have had traditionally.”

“Faith Without Fear” will be shown at the Vancouver Planetarium Theatre at 1100 Chestnut Street in Vancouver on Thursday, March 5th, at 7 pm.

CASC member Iona Campagnolo, well-known Canadian broadcaster, politician, and former lieutenant-governor of BC will help host the event.

Cost Is $12 regular, $8 for students. Space is limited, so participants are requested to RSVP at info@afghanistan-canada-solidarity.org or by leaving a voicemail at 604.781.3151

About the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee

The Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee is an association of Canadians from all walks of life who are united in a commitment to the principle that as Canadians, we must honour our obligations to the cause of solidarity with the people of Afghanistan. Our message to Canada and Canadians is this: “Stay. Human rights are universal. The U.N. wants us there. A military component is vital and necessary.”

Email: info@afghanistan-canada-solidarity.org
Media Contacts
Lauryn Oates: Tel - 604.781.3151
Jonathon Narvey: Tel - 604.230.2638

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Blogger Kurt Langmann said...

Will Irshad Manji be there as well? Would be a treat to meet her. Witty and bright, make that damn funny. Will try to haul my sorry butt into the Big Smoke for this screening in any event.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

I don't think we'll be that fortunate. Over the hills and far away nowadays, and she just from across the river in Richmond, too.

9:32 PM  

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