Thursday, February 01, 2007

When Worlds Collide: Towards A Post-Punk World

This is Blacklist. Here's a video of their Language of the Living Dead, and some more of their music. They're a favourite of Mike Weiss down at Snarksmith.

Frontman Josh Strawn says here: “Music was originally about three chords and the truth, and that’s what made people so excited about the Beatles and U2. . . But I think we’re currently in a situation where people have been told so often that there is no correct truth, or that the truth is different for each person, that they wouldn’t even recognize [the truth set to] music anymore. Our band believes you have to search for and articulate the truth as best you can, because that’s where the passion [in great music] comes from.”

And here: "The song 'When Worlds Collide' is what I was saying about breaking down barriers. The idea of east meets west. The east was only called the east because it was east of Europe. The cross-pollination of intellectual traditions and philosophy makes those distinctions kind of bullshit to me. I'm very interested in various resistance movements and ways of resolving certain situations over there."

And check out Hack, out of Iran.

Brought to my attention by The Norman Conquest.

Meantime, you can keep up with the rumpus-making about Nick Cohen's What's Left? over here.


Blogger Mark, Ottawa said...

As for the Norman Conquest:

"The Norman Conquest was a Good Thing, as from this time England stopped being conquered and thus was able to become top nation."



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