Thursday, January 25, 2007

Multiculturalism: The Year Of The Pig With Haggis

Dragon-cart races, human curling with MC and play-by-play announcer Toddish McWong (the fabulous Todd Wong) and his attempt to set a world's record for the largest number of people eating haggis at one time - all taking place as I write this.

Which leaves only three days to go before Vancouver's annual Robbie Burns Chinese New Year dinner at the Floata, on Keefer Street in the heart of Chinatown, with Haggis Won Ton and Haggis Dim Sum and an array of delights.

Todd has teamed up with master piper Joseph McDonald of Brave Waves ("world music fusion with bagpipes, South Asian tabla drums, chinese flute, sitar. . .") and Trevor Chan of the No Luck Club (a "Chinese-Canadian instrumental hip hop band") to make some weird rap music.

Asked whether he has any Scots in his ancestry, this is what Todd Wong will tell you: "All Canadians have Scottish heritage. . . as they do Chinese heritage."

And that, comrades, is how you do multiculturalism.

(NB Commandante Will got me thinking about this.)


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