Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mohammed Nabbous, A Fallen Comrade: 1983-2011

More than any other single individual, Mohammed Nabbous carried the voices of the Libyan revolution to the outside world and kept us all up to date with the latest news from the front. A Gaddafist sniper killed him today. He was 28.

At the beginning of the uprising, it was Mohammed who established the seat-of-the pants Alhurra TV, using a satellite connection to get out from under the Gaddafi regime's internet shortcircuitry. His "TV station" relies on nine cameras, streaming 24 hours a day, non-stop.

"His bravery inspired others to work to give the revolution a voice, and they turned to him constantly for direction; his cell phone rang perpetually. One look could tell you he got very little sleep, if any, in the constant manic flurry of activity required to carry the revolution’s message forward. Despite this he found the time to address our needs, and thank us with deep sincerity for coming to Libya," writes the indispensible Louis Abelman. "His was a singular dedication to the revolution and a better future for his country, for which he gave his life, and we mourn him."

Mohammed was a member of the Transitional National Council, the Libyan revolutionary front that had been pleading for the world's help for a month before the UN Secuity Council finally came through on March 17. He was a leading member of the fervently pro-democracy activists who came together in the February 17th Revolution Youth Media Center.

His pregnant widow announced his death: “I want to let all of you know that Mohammed has passed away for this cause. He died for this cause and let’s hope that Libya will become free. Please pray for him. And let’s not stop doing what we are doing until this is over. What he started has got to go on. No matter what happens. . . please post videos, and move every authority you have. There is still bombing, there is still shooting, and more people are going to die. Don't let what Mo started go for nothing, people. Make it worth it.”

Remember Mohammed Nabbous. Democrat, patriot, journalist, shaheed. Inshallah, the people will win.


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An adapted Spanish version in my blog

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Thanks Daniel. Your Venezuela News and Analysis is journalism of a kind very similar to that of Alhurra, and warmly appreciated.

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