Friday, March 18, 2011

Nous Sommes Tous Libyens.

Canada is expected to announce that it will deploy six CF-18 fighter jets to help enforce the UN's just-approved no-fly zone over Libya, CBC News has learned. Between 100 and 200 support personnel would be involved, the sources said, adding the announcement was imminent.

Hadi Shalluf, president of the Justice and Democracy Party of Libya: "All the Libyans now, they are very, very happy even as this resolution is coming very, very late. But we are really glad and then happy. Today, just now in Benghazi where the people go outside singing, and then dancing, and are very, very happy about this resolution."


Blogger dmurrell said...

I was amazed at the UN vote. But we will have to see if the US-led forces act with timidity, or if they aggressively go after the Gadhafi forces. Gadhafi's forces are about to surround Benghazi -- so it is still an iffy situation.

CBC News reported that the UN resolution is far-ranging, and allows for air-to-ground strikes -- much needed if the freedom fighters are to have a chance. We have to see. I hope Gadhafi gets his clock cleaned.

Recall that in the Serbian battle the air strikes were initially done with timidity -- and didn't do the job. This time around, air power must be used aggressively agaonst Gadhafi'a tanlw and artillery.

A remarkable turnaround.

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