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Blogger Paul said...

Terry, the story that Elison relates never happened.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

Paul: If you read Shaffer's article closely enough you'll find sufficient evidence for Ellison's "version" in the article itself, which, because it is itself hysterically hostile to Ellison' account, makes you wonder what Shaffer left out. Evidence in Ellison's favour even shows up in Shaffer's reference to the dirty insinuations of the original NYPost story. Shaffer suggests that the absence of those unfounded (and indeed bigoted) insinuations against Hamdani can't be easily found by Google searches. Well, why would they be so easy too find?

Why shouldn't tributes to Hamdani be ubiquitous in search hits? The guy was a damn hero, and that Hamdani was eventually and properly honoured after his death is a tribute not only to him but to those who took the trouble to notice his sacrifice.

Shaffer's article was gutter style, below the often low standards of National Review, and was clearly and deliberately intended to leave the impression (as it did with you) that "the story Ellison relates never happened."

Shaffer is guilty of worse than even the kind of elisions he attributes to Ellison - indeed he more or less accuses Ellison of outright lying, and the NRO headline further refers to Ellison as bigot, if you don't mind: The headline is "Keith Ellison's bigotry." Nevermind that the article contains absolutely nothing to back up such a foul assertion, even by false evidence. It is a cheap slander of the kind that American journalists can usually be confident to get away with.


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