Friday, March 18, 2011

Barack Obama: Yesterday's Man.

Utterly clueless at a moment of revolutionary ferment sweeping the world, stupidity is his prerogative at home. But abroad, he persists in talking to all the wrong people, for all the wrong reasons: "To draw the Afghan insurgents toward reconciliation, the administration is supporting a plan by President Hamid Karzai that would allow the Taliban to open an office in Kabul or perhaps outside Afghanistan, where contacts might be easier. Saudi Arabia was discussed as one possible site, but a more likely venue would be Turkey. The Turkish government is pondering the issue." So is the Khomeinist regime in Tehran. When it comes to selling out Afghan democrats, Obama and Ahmadinejad appear to be on the same page: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to hold Afghan peace meeting through participation of Afghan political groups."

That is not how you win peace in a democratic and sovereign Afghan republic. It is how you make America the enemy of Afghanistan's democrats, secularists, reformers, women's rights' leaders, and its young and besieged parliamentarians. Here's Ahmad Behzad, a young Herati MP:

"The consequences of talks and negotiations with the terrorist groups including the Taliban, has been devastating and damaging. First, it has encouraged the Taliban. With the proposition of this motto Taliban revived and planned to exert more pressure on the government of Afghanistan and the foreign forces to gain better and bigger privileges. That part of the society who no more had any hope for the Taliban gained hopes that this group will again emerge in the political scene. Third, the government of Afghanistan is trying to give Taliban privileges by releasing the Taliban captives who were caught in fights against the political system of Afghanistan. It has given Taliban more supremacy as they have again joined their ranks."


Blogger GayandRight said...

And, now the US is considering reaching out to Hezbollah...

11:45 AM  
Blogger dmurrell said...

A writer in this morning's National Post (Saturday March 19, 2011) makes the good point that -- in the midst of ephochal crises in the world (Libya and Japan) -- Obama is off to a state visit to Brazil. The writer says that Obama should have visited Japan.

Brazil is Obama's type of country, left-leaning in international affairs and a growing, powerfuil country. So it is more important than Japan (a shrinking democracy), or Arab freedom fighters (not anti-American, but powerless).

Yesterday (Friday), news clips had Obam stating that -- in its part in implementing the no-fly zone -- that the U.S. would not do this, and it would not do that. This is the other aspect of Obama, a do nothing president. And in giving the no-fly zone to Britain and France, this could lead to delays an paralysis. Does Obama really care?

As I write this, there is no plans or effort to move the U.S carrier group from the Red Sea to the Mediterraanian. Amazing.

3:24 AM  
Blogger Mark, Ottawa said...

What the US military may have for Libya, March 19"

Obama said that the United States will use its "unique capabilities" to help the enforce a no-fly zone over Libya. These include cruise missiles, radar jamming equipment and high-tech AWACS radar planes that can gather intelligence and coordinate air traffic.

But some diplomats and defense experts have said they believe it will nonetheless be difficult for the Pentagon to avoid broad involvement in many aspects of the operations, including in the use of fighter aircraft.

Many aircraft are likely to be needed to take out Libya's air defenses. The round-the-clock air patrols needed to enforce a no-fly zone also require many aircraft...

The U.S. Navy announced Friday that it is sending a group of assault ships to the Mediterranean.

The three ships, lead by the assault ship Bataan, will ferry a unit of Marines, helicopters and surgical teams from ports in Virginia.

Air missions could be flown from U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization bases in the southern Mediterranean.

U.S. ships in the Mediterranean include an amphibious assault group, three destroyers and a nuclear-powered submarine, the Providence, capable of launching Tomahawk cruise missiles.

There are no U.S. aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean at the moment. The carrier Enterprise is currently out of combat range from Libya, conducting air support operations in Afghanistan from the Arabian Sea."

The Bataan is in effect an aircraft carrier for the Marine Corps and deploys 6-8 Harrier fighter bombers.

As many as the number of Hornets we are sending. Note also that 6 Danish F-16s have arrived at Sicily, along with 4 Spanish Hornets to Italy. Norway is sending 6 F-16s too. So far it seems not combat aircraft contribution from Italy.


12:54 PM  
Blogger עזרא said...

America doesn't have to do everything, especially when if they do the resistance to the action would be greater. Obama was on the spot to let Europe take this one, with his permission if you don't mind.

2:40 PM  

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