Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cannibalism With Table Manners.

From my Ottawa Citizen column today:

Closing embassies is child’s play, and Canada could indeed do more. Ottawa could bolster our sanctions laws to ensure that Tehran’s financiers in Beijing’s complex of state-owned entities can do business in Iran or in Alberta’s oilpatch, but not both. Or, since it has been the official all-party position in Ottawa since December 2010 that the Iranian regime is already guilty of incitement to genocide owing to its repeated threats to destroy what the ayatollahs call the Zionist Entity, and which civilized countries call Israel, a UN member state, how’s this: Canada draws up a charge to have Iranian Surpeme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei hauled before the International Criminal Court.

In any event, the only defensible Canadian policy is one that seeks to provide all material assistance to Iranian democrats so as to hasten the day that they can give Khomeinist scum the bum’s rush in the City of Tehran with as firm a resolve as the regime’s agents were just given in the City of Ottawa.

Khomeinists Out.


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