Monday, July 02, 2012

The War Goes On, But "Not In Our Name." Happy Now?

In Afghanistan, Barack Obama's peace-talks & troops-out "policy" is forcing the country's democrats, reformists, women's rights leaders, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks and many other ethnic groups to focus on the single and urgent objective of hunkering down for the moment the knives come out. “Everyone is preparing,” says Abdul Nasir, with Khurshid TV. “It will be bloodier and longer than before, street to street. This time, everyone has more guns, more to lose." Amrullah Saleh: “If the Taliban are left armed and recognized as the legitimate controllers of the south, that means the partition of Afghanistan." As for the central government: "If it becomes pro-Taliban, we topple it. Simple." 
In Egypt:" Men are designed to lead and women are designed to follow."
In Pakistan, another massacre of the Hazara people in the ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing waged by the Taliban affiliate Lashakar-e-Janghvi, whose leader, Malik Ishaq, is allowed to remain at large. Are there no drones
Today in Timbuktu, the Bamiyan Buddhas II:  “This morning, the Islamists continued breaking the mausoleums. This is our patrimony, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO,” said Aboubacrine Cisse, a resident of the town who slipped outside on Monday to witness the destruction. “They are continuing to destroy all the tombs of all the saints of Timbuktu, and our city counts 333 saints."
In Kenya: Islamist thugs threw grenades into two churches on Sunday, then sprayed gunfire at fleeing worshipers, killing at least 15 people.


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