Wednesday, June 20, 2012

True North, Strong and Frivolous.

The great hopes of the Arab Spring that Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces just all but crushed with its coup last week was engineered and underwritten by a $1.3-billion subsidy that SCAF gets from Obama’s White House. All across the Arab world, the United States’ approval ratings under Obama are now at depths lower than the lowest days of George Bush, who we are all expected to remember as the New World Order’s archfiend. Meanwhile, only last month, the pollsters at Angus Reid found that 65 per cent of Canadians would vote for Obama if they could, making the American president more popular among Canadians than any of our own politicians since Pierre Trudeau, whose son Justin, the Honourable member for Zoolander, is now touted as the next great thing for the once proud and serious Liberal Party. 
That’s the New World Order for you. . . 


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