Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Atrocity Committed By the Extreme Right.

Hisham Matar's account provides all you need to understand about what happened in Libya:
. . .Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was a popular figure in Libya, and nowhere more than in Benghazi. Friends and relatives there tell me that the city is mournful. There have been spontaneous demonstrations denouncing the attack. Popular Libyan Web sites are full of condemnations of those who carried out the assault. And there was a general air of despondency in the city Wednesday night. The streets were not as crowded and bustling as usual. There is a deep and palpable sense that Benghazi, the proud birthplace of the revolution, has failed to protect a highly regarded guest. There is outrage that Tripoli is yet to send government officials to Benghazi to condemn the attacks, instigate the necessary investigations and visit the Libyan members of the consulate staff who were wounded in the attack. 
. . .Like Benito Mussolini’s Milan fascio in nineteen-twenties Italy, Libya’s far right knows that it cannot rule through violence and fear if it does not have the young and strong on its side.
So instead they have focussed on easy targets: architecture, women, and, now, America, or, more abstractly, the West.
This has nothing to do with some vulgar amateur film, the "West" should stop apologizing for it, and anyone who persists in rummaging around for reasons why these atrocities are "our" fault is my enemy. 
The picture below is of a young Afghan. Korshid, 14, instructor at the Kabul Skate Park known as Skateistan. She was killed in a suicide bomb attack last weekend along with her eight-year-old sister Parwana and Skateistan regulars Nawab, 17 Assad, age unknown, and Mohammad Eeza, 13. None of these kids were producers of sick Youtube videos. They were skateboarders



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Thank you for the photograph and sentiments. Tragedy is unavoidable. Crime is not.

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