Friday, August 26, 2011

We see you, and we raise you.

. . . Although there have been some intermittent noises from the International Criminal Court, it ought to be said in very unequivocal tones, by our government and others, that the Qaddafis and Assads and their accomplices are on notice. They should be told that the names of their military and security officers have been taken down, as have the names of their victims, and that prosecutions are even now being readied for a range of serious crimes. The continuing slaughter of those who will be needed in the rebuilding of Libya and Syria will not be countenanced. This is no longer a matter of asset seizures or sanctions, or of statements saying that the Baath Party has lost its legitimacy. It is a matter of raising the cost of war crimes, and of doing so while there is still time.

Aye and aye.

From Tehran Bureau: Libya, Afghanistan and the myth of Muslim unity. In Ottawa: A hearty welcome to His Excellency, Abubaker Karmos, while from the Canadian Peace Alliance, we are admonished to oppose this "failed intervention," and instructed thus: "It's time to send a message to all MPs that Canada should have no more to do with NATO's war on Libya." NATO's war on Libya, if you don't mind. A failed intervention. Then the sound of crickets, and weeping, and gnashing of teeth. How too sad for them. Another embarrassment: Gaddafi daughter, who "died" in 1986, appears to be alive and well after all.

Want to do some small thing to fight the power? Fight the power. And cheer the hell up:

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