Sunday, August 21, 2011

Here's what your fancy hermeneutics will get you.

"While post-modernist academics have infested national and international universities and are trying to popularise the radical right-wing narrative as representing the people’s popular instinct, the fact is that these academics base their analysis on elite ethnographies. . . . to top it all, the fashionable post-modernist narrative is inherently right-wing. The Pakistani post-modernist academics are in the process of creating a narrative that will eventually replace any existing liberal narrative which, in any case, is scant."

What is uncontroversial among such wise liberal-left intellectuals in Pakistan as Ayesha Siddiqa is lost on the inferior Canadian liberal-left, which, in much of its modes of thinking, is objectively and "inherently right-wing."

Just noticing is all. Carry on.


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