Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rebels In The House.

Messing with Mo's stuff. Righteous:

Here's a little fillum of a rebel with Old Mo's golden gun. Here's some of the lads riding in his golf buggy. Here's a cool thing the rebels used: Made in Canada.

Meanwhile, in Syria, Michael Weiss reports: Maxim Gorky pays a visit to Homs. The UN delegation drove through in their fancy cars. As soon as they were gone, this is what happened:

The entire western foreign policy establishment and its associated punditocracy seem to be utterly preoccupied with whether things will be better for "us" after these revolutions are over, whether some uglier cast of strongmen will arise, and whether these inscrutible Muslims will only throw up forces that are hostile to "our" interests. Such preoccupations, with all the attendant mewling and simpering - in place of proper international solidarity and robust support for the revolutionaries - will almost certainly ensure the rise of more strongmen hostile to "us" and "our" interests. Will the revolutionaries prove to be "our" enemies? Unless we befriend them in the darkest hours, yes, they will be, and it will bloody well serve "us" right.

What is the result of Barack Obama's massage-therapy innovations, his sweet entreaties to Islamist blockheads, and all the ginger and nuanced flattery he lavishes upon his soft-palmed American constituencies? America's favorability rating in the storied "Arab Street" is now lower than it was during the tenure of George Bush.

In the matter of Libya, Shadi Hamid also notices: "We should always tread carefully with counterfactuals. But it is difficult to deny that the alternative to doing something -- doing nothing -- would almost certainly have led to a bloody, tragic massacre in Benghazi and other pockets of rebel resistance. Libya would have likely been held up as one of the great tragedies of Western neglect or outright subversion, on par with Iran in 1953 or Algeria and Iraq in the early 1990s. When you have the ability to act, doing nothing is no longer a neutral position."

We should get over it. In the revolution, refusing to choose sides is to choose sides, and in the real world, the revolution will never be "over."

Marg bar diktator.


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