Monday, August 29, 2011

Bread And Dignity: Why Does Neoliberal Capitalism Threaten Police States?

Because when the only alternative available to the poor is to overthrow the regime, that's exactly what the poor will attempt.

In Syria: "The grossly uneven distribution of the national income has concentrated incomes and capital in the hands of a limited few. The share of wages from the national income was less than 33 percent in 2008-2009, compared to nearly 40.5 per cent in 2004, meaning that profits and rents command more than 67 percent of the GDP. This measure does not exceed 50 percent in the most liberal capitalist states. . . Young people have transformed their personal agony into collective anger and rejection of the present situation and future prospects that offer them no hope of decent living standards. They have made the conscious connection between the regime’s repressive governance mechanism, corruption, and the difficult living conditions they endure."

In democracies, you can vote the bastards out. In police states, you can't. There is a pathetic tendency in the chattering classes of the NATO capitals to ignore the real distinctions and differences among and between what is apprehended as an undifferentiated mass of "Arabs." In the world's democracies, much is made of the Islamist threat. It is very real, but Islamism is a far greater threat to the Arab Spring: the Islamists do not articulate the aspirations of ordinary working people in any Muslim-majority society, and where they are not running the show directly, Islamists tend to be the best-organized and best-financed. One should not have to come from the "left" to notice that jihadists, who are merely Islamists in a hurry, are the spoiled children of the Muslim bourgeoisie. . .

Read the rest at the always reliably counterhegemonic (you're welcome) Propagandist Magazine.

When you're done, you should come back and take in some of the beautifully ecstatic Afghan Sufi chant songs in this fillum below, direct from the Shah-do Shamshira mosque in Kabul. And to all my Muslim sisters and brothers on this day, a most hearfelt and cheery Eid Mubarak!


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