Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sally Armstrong On Why Canadians Are In The Dark About Afghanistan

"Canadians don’t know the story because the government is silent. And it’s not just the Conservative government, the Liberals before them were silent. For some reason, I dare say it is because politicians are afraid they will lose a single vote, they have decided not to speak to the people.

"This country is at war. We have soldiers at war and when you are at war you are supposed to tell the people what is going on. The government has chosen silence. When that happens the protestors own the conversation. It’s the protestors who are spreading the information.

"The media has done a terrific job, but it focuses on the insurgency, as they must. There are very few like me writing about the women, so the protestors own the conversation and the protestors are saying the most outrageous things to Canadians. They are saying things like the Afghan people wish you would leave. They are saying things like Canada invaded Afghanistan. This outrageous collection of revisionist history is being visited upon the Canadian people and nobody is counteracting it. What the Canadians think about Afghanistan is not the true story."

Sally's the best.


Blogger kellie said...

That Haroon Siddiqui piece from 2008 is great. All Canada had to do was arrange peace between Pakistan and India, and all this timewasting in Afghanistan could have been avoided . Brilliant! Shouldn't take long. Can't understand why no one else has thought of it.

1:49 PM  

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