Monday, June 06, 2011

Bring The War Home.

Pakistan is a decrepit and corrupt military-industrial complex. Its so-called government is Afghanistan's constant and merciless enemy, it is India's greatest enemy, and it is the most vicious enemy of its own people. It is the subsidy-eater and the function of a bankrupt and idiotic "American foreign policy." But to end Pakistan would be to make matters worse, they say. Really?

Christopher Hitchens: "This stale and superficial argument ignores the awful historical fact that, each time the Pakistani leadership did get worse, or behave worse, it was handsomely rewarded by the United States. We have been the enablers of every stage of that wretched state’s counter-evolution, to the point where it is a serious regional menace and an undisguised ally of our worst enemy, as well as the sworn enemy of some of our best allies. How could it be “worse” if we shifted our alliance and instead embraced India, our only rival in scale as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy, and a nation that contains nearly as many Muslims as Pakistan? How could it be “worse” if we listened to the brave Afghans, like their former intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh, who have been telling us for years that we are fighting the war in the wrong country?"


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