Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Far The Rot Has Spread.

Alan Johnson's latest in World Affairs Journal:

'. . .This pro-tyrant left thinks it holds the key to the entire world in the palm of its hand. If America is opposed to a tyrant, then—there is some dubious logic here, but this really is the crucial move—the tyrant must be opposing America. And—this is the last stretch, stay with me—therefore the tyrant is an “anti-imperialist” and, objectively, “progressive.”

'And these ideas have been adopted in softer forms throughout the culture—we see it in the refusal of emotional commitment to the West in its battles against dictators and terrorists, the refusal to credit the West with anything but malign intent, the tendency to blame ourselves when we are attacked, the demonization of Israel, and the pathological refusal to see plain the nature of forces such as Hamas and Hezbollah, who were defined by the leading American academic Judith Butler as “part of the global Left”. . .'

Note that the James Petras that Alan cites is a senior contributor to the venerable Canadian Dimension magazine. If you don't think there aren't serious consequences involved, read this.

Or read this essay by Robins Simcox, on Amnesty International's sponsorship of Moazzam Begg and the fake human rights organization Cage Prisoners: "Begg is, at best, a veteran of the Bosnian jihad who has trained in Afghanistan and donated money to Al-Qaeda training camps. At worst, he is a former Al-Qaeda operative who fought in a war against the United States after 9/11. His former detention at Guantanamo does not now make him a champion of liberty. If his organization's writing snuff pieces about President Obama being assassinated does not wake up human rights groups to this, it is hard to know what will."


Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

"...the refusal to credit the West with anything but malign intent..."

Yesterday I listened to a Montreal writer, speak about multiculturalism. I have my own very severe critique of this concept, but I always accepted and understood the utterly generous and benign intention that gave rise, in Canada, to the idea. Imagine my surprise when I heard this person claim that multiculturalism was created IN ORDER to keep minorities in their ghettos.

Talk about attributing malign intent ...

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