Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memo To Moneygall: He's The King Of Amerikay, He's Black, He's Irish. . . He's Old News.

Doyle McManus: "Moneygall is the village to which Obama aides managed to trace the president's Irish ancestry, and Ollie's is the pub the president visited a month ago to meet his eighth cousins and embrace his Celtic heritage. That connection has produced a modest flow of tourists seeking out the spot where Obama found his Hibernian roots. 'We've had people coming at all hours,' the barman told me last week. But they've been mostly Irish tourists, not Americans. 'You're used to him, perhaps,' he said. 'We're not.'

"Europe is still in love with Barack Obama. It's not only the Irish, who are always ready to be wooed by any American president with a connection to their island. Even the more reserved British seemed ecstatic when Obama visited London last month, swarming into the streets to watch his motorcade pass.

". . .The problem for Obama, of course, is that none of that matters where it counts: with the American electorate that will decide on his reelection next year. Americans don't much care that our president is more charismatic than the German chancellor, or that our economy is marginally less shaky than Europe's.

"In a sense, Obama is a victim of his own success as a path breaker. His biography still wows them in London, but we're no longer enthralled by it here. The story of the skinny young politician with a funny name, half-Kansan and half-Kenyan, is old news. . ."


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