Saturday, June 25, 2011

Letter To The Vancouver Rioters From A Worker (A Cop).

"You owe Vancouver and the surrounding population more than mere words. Don’t you dare ask for our forgiveness without taking responsibility. You can’t fix life altering injuries with an 'I’m Sorry'. You can’t repay someone’s car loan with a YouTube video. You ask that people leave you and your family alone but you offer no way to replace priceless losses.

"You’ll sleep soundly in your bed tonight because men and women like me will always be there to deal with your poor choices. You have no idea how fortunate you are, even after we arrest and charge you. Even though you disgust me, if you call for me in the middle of the night I’ll respond. I’ll protect your life and property because it’s right and it’s what I do. . ."


You could fill a library with the punditry the Vancouver riot engendered. Nothing I have read comes close to the lucidity of that letter. Hope lies with the proles, and the next time gangs of spoiled-brat blackshirts show up in Vancouver to go all cathartic with their daddy issues and oppression-envy, I want that cop in charge.


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