Monday, November 12, 2007

Malaysia: 40,000 March For Free & Fair Elections

Heartening news:

Saturday's protest witnessed the participation of a large number of members from the opposition, the ethnic Malay-dominated, Islamic PAS party, which apart from running on a clean governance platform would like to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state. But a much broader swath of Malaysian society was represented - activists, ordinary citizens, young, old, Indian, Malay, Chinese.


Blogger Peter Chen said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for helping spread the news about this rally in which I participated. I had wanted to publish a report immediately after the rally, but unfortunately there were too many other things waiting for me to clear. Anyway I am 3/4 through the report, and hopefully, by the time you read this comment, the report will be online at Blog for Positive Changes.

BTW your video is too wide for the main column (posts) and has caused your sidebar to slide to the bottom of the page. Hope I don't offend you, but I have put instruction on how to get the script from Youtube to fit into the main column (posts) at Embed Youtube video in Blogger post/

Peter Blog*Star
Blogger Tips and Tricks

11:32 PM  
Blogger Peter Chen said...

Hi Terry,

This post in Internet Explorer 6 has the sidebar at the bottom of the Page, but view with Flock, is OK. I checked your page source and found:

#main {

in the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). I found the script for the video, and paste part of it below:

object height="355" width="425"

Note that the width 425 pixels is wider than your main post which is only 410 pixels. If you don't want problem, I suggest you edit the script for the Youtube as per instructions in Embed Youtube video in Blogger post: Test.

And "ribuan terima kasih" (a thousand thanks) for helping spread the news about Malaysians regarding the situation in Malaysia.

Peter Blog*Star
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12:34 AM  
Blogger Transmontanus said...

Hi Peter. Glad to help. The rally looks like it was a great success; I'll keep a close eye on your page. And in my profile you'll find my email address; pop me note so I'll have yours.

Thanks very much for for the tip on how the page looks in IExplorer (odd, though, it looks perfectly normal with Firefox). I'll follow your advice.

8:19 AM  

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