Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hinterland Who's Who: Andrew Struthers Is Who

Here's Andrew pointing an accusing finger at his evil twin Velcrow Ripper, and here you'll find Andrew telling the whole sordidly hilarious tale of his short film Spiders on Drugs, and his encounters with Youtube, and Comedy Central and not, thankfully, the rental agency: "The funny thing is, I've been showing the script for Spiders On Drugs to Canadian film producers for seven years. Nobody bit. I could have made a thousand of these little films in the meantime, but I was tied up with committees and meetings."

For more on Andrew, see this, which I posted last week, around the same time Andrew first posted the wee film on Youtube. Since then - last time I checked, anyway - Spiders On Drugs had been viewed 1,241,113 times. For more about Andrew's encounters with the world as a bigshot Canadian feature-film mogul, see this.

To appreciate the hilarity of it all, it's not necessary to have grown up with that melancholy flute music in your head, from all those grainy little public service films from the Canadian Wildlife Service about the woodchuck and the loon and the beaver and the rest. But it helps. The video library is here. And yes, the narrator in Andrew's short film really is the same guy.

Once again, with feeling:


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