Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Solidarity With The Baha'i People

"It is our moral obligation to not sit by silently as our fellow brothers and sisters are murdered, imprisoned and denied their rights as citizens due to their personal beliefs."

Good advice:
  • Promote this clip by sharing it with your friends, colleagues, and on social networks.
  • Stay aware of human rights abuses against this innocent minority.
  • Contact your nearest Iranian embassy, expressing your concern over the treatment of Baha’is. We’ve provided a template letter, as well as contact details of embassies worldwide.
  • Learn more about the faith, and be aware that the IRI and officials of other countries like Egypt have launched massive propaganda campaigns against them.
  • Reach out to Baha’is, and keep an open mind.
Thanks to The Archer for bringing this to our attention.


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