Monday, August 18, 2008


Heading up with my son Conall to the Workers' Republic of Cumberland and then to the Anglers' Paradise of Campbell River, we espied this hearty sentiment:

Dropped off Conall at the Cumberland Time Out festival (best acts - Matisyahu and Delhi 2 Dublin), leaving him in the care of my old chums Mary Alice, wee Levon, and poppa Grant Shilling:

Proceeded to Campbell River, where I gave the keynote address at the three-day Roderick Haig-Brown Centenary Commemorations. I spent a proper splendid time with Her Honour, plus I got to stay at Haig Brown's House, now owned by the Heritage Branch, with David Anderson and my pal Vicky Husband. Here's the house, and Vicky on the porch:

Then Back to Cumberland, and as is my custom there I paid my respects at the grave of socialist martyr Ginger Goodwin, whose murder sparked Canada's first general strike:

And reflected on the world that Goodwin and all the other brothers and sisters of his time made for us. More than 250 workers died in the Cumberland mines. Now, here's my Conall, just 14, learning how to use those stilt things:


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My modest seal hunting boat needs that bumper sticker badly!

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