Sunday, May 27, 2012

Billions of dollars in dirty money. You think it's not making us dirty?

In a police state like China you can never predict the lash that will cause the slave to turn on his master. Neither is it easy to discern, from all the dirty money greasing so many palms, which coin in which palm will mark the transaction that buys the final shred of decency from a democratic country like Canada.
The billions of dollars in ill-gotten Chinese capital fluttering around Canada these days is being strewn about by the same corrupt Communist Party billionaires who bully and persecute the likes of You Minglei, Li Jie’e, and Zhu Yufu, and who continue to engorge themselves from the captive labour of the Chinese people.
The amount of dirty money being poured into Canada by China’s corporate and Communist Party elites — the terms are almost always wholly interchangeable — has swollen 15-fold over the past five years. The primary beneficiaries of this spending spree are the directors and the shareholders of the companies involved in Canada’s overheated coal, oil and natural gas industries. There’s always a reason to look the other way.
. . .from my Ottawa Citizen column.

Here's where I'll be. If you're in Ottawa, you should come.


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