Friday, February 24, 2012

Shoot Everyone Above The Rank Of Major.

In today's Ottawa Citizen: The ongoing riots in Afghanistan were an opportunity waiting for a pretext, just like last April's riots. So, take the opportunity, my dear American comrades. In the matter of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Agency, shoot everyone above the rank of major. Do that, and instead of having gangs of lumpen rioters throwing stones at your soldiers, you will have millions of ordinary Afghans laying flowers at their feet.

And while you're about it, do something about this:

Ever since Barack Obama was elected in 2008, everything the White House has done has had a smell about it that can easily be mistaken for the reek of sabotage and capitulation. You might not even be mistaken to detect, for every bloody gain won by a brave American soldier, some subtle but discernibly creepy move the Obama White House has made.

A smiling nod to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar as he shows up at the edge of the “peace talks” arena, the blotting out of the words “democracy” and “victory” from the president’s speeches, the State Department’s purchase of swank digs for Mullah Omar’s power-sharing delegates in Qatar — every single move, to be perfectly fair, stinks of a post-facto Democratic party self-exculpation on the whole “war” thing.

You shouldn’t have to be a forsaken Afghan democrat to imagine what it must feel like to have every last shred of your dignity stripped from you and to have your silly faith in America’s goodwill burned like some old and moth-gnawed Koran in a Baghram ash pit.


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