Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poor Old Peter.

Environment Minister Peter Kent, that is. Talk about getting blindsided. . .

"Canada is looking to responsible investments by companies from around the world. They will be subject to the rules and the regulations of investment and of proper corporate behaviour, and with regards to the environment, of conforming with environmental regulations."

Here's what they didn't tell you, Peter: 1. No rules. 2. No regulations. 3. No laws.

Just Beijing laws, as enforced in Alberta. Sinopec's engineering arm is claiming sovereign immunity in the Alberta courts after a rampage of "proper corporate behaviour" that includes two dead Chinese workers, the theft of wages from their 150 Chinese co-workers, and 53 health and safety violations on an oilsands construction site near Fort Mac, then shipping their wage slaves back to China.

The Canadian workers on the jobsite raised nearly $100,000 out of their own pockets for the dead workers' widows. A union rep smuggled the money into China, where he learned about Sinopec's theft of the 150 workers' pay packets, and that's where the story just begins.

I'll have more when I've pieced it together. For now, a little bit of sympathy for Peter Kent, okay? He clearly doesn't have the faintest idea what's going on these days, and he's not alone in the federal cabinet, and it's the same all through the government benches. I predict a riot.


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