Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Da Juze Is Behind My Problemz Sheeple!

I see the celebrity Aussie ponce Julian Assange is blaming the Giùdaigh (that's how to say Juze in bogman's backchat) for his woes, which will come as no surprise in this quarter. Agus I see the Chosen Ones are once again bravely taking it on the chin for moy payple, this time in the matter of the Olympics logo. Such grand days these are. On top of toppling tyrants, vindication and schaudenfraude by the barrel, and true friends the world round.

The Khomeinist despotism that runs Iran is threatening to boycott the Olympics after having noticed something suspicious and then laping in their staggers to the conclusion that the symbols spell out the word Zion, which is "racist." As any fule nose - hell as even a pikey such as myself noticed right smartly - the Olympics symbol cleverly occludes the word Fian (warrior in Gaeilge to you). But the Learned Elders of Their Crowd have kept shtum, bless their hearts. Go raibh maith agaibh!

In related news, Hugo The Boss has let his man-crush on Big Mo get the better of him. A wag by the name of Al Jazeera (some class of Protestant?) points out: "He may see himself as a leader of the global 'Left' - but what left is he claiming to lead? The enemy-of-my-enemy 'Left', of hollow, mud-slinging slogans, in support of anything or anyone who claims to oppose imperialism in all its forms in this Yankee-dominated world, no matter how monstrous his policies? Or a principled 'Left' based on respecting the values entrenched in the universal declaration of human rights, democracy and most importantly, the 'Left' which places it’s support squarely on the part of the people tormented, rather than their tormentor?"

Gude wan Al. Fair play to you. Go maire tu. As well I see Hugo may want to go halfers with Mo on the fees of a good law firm. But in even more intimately related news, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has wisely sidestepped the cunning subliminal-advertising trap that tricked Gaddafi into explaining that the Libyan rebels are all 17-year-olds high on hallucinogens because Al Qaida (another Protestant?) spiked their Nescafe (best product placement ever!). So President Ali's gone with a familiar jingle from the Walt-Mearsheimer agency instead.

But my warmest regards go not to my comrades among Da Juze but to their courageous collaborationists among Da Muzzies. The brave, spirited, democratic uprisings that have pitted unarmed Arab and Iranian protesters against the filthiest police states on earth have all been staged so as to cause everyone's notice to be distracted from the armies of the night that rose up in the Great Irish Rebellion of 2011. Because "Paddy likes to know what the story is," my pal Padraig Reidy explains how Fianna Fáil, the auld páirtí poblachtánach, was overthrown. It even took Jorry Oddums bay suppraze like.

The newly-elected Sinn Fein TDs from Norniron are bewildered to discover that the Sowtuviron is a mostly functioning republic and not the "backward, famine-riddled, priest-ridden, dung-heap of in-bred muck savages" they were expecting. Just as so many jackasses in the so-called 'western world' have lately discovered to their dismay and surprise that Arabs are not an undifferentiated mass of jackboot-liking Koran botherers who blame Zionist sorcery for every missed bus and power outage, the Shinners arriving at Leinster House are having the scales fall from their eyes. It turns out that the Irish Republic is not "a quagmire of unrealised nationalist aspirations governed by an elite of fat, Protestant farmers who rule over the Catholic masses like medieval barons" after all.

For your further amusement you can take this "Who's Line Is It Anyway" quiz at the Grauniad and see whether you can correctly attribute 10 quotes to either Charlie Sheen or Moammar Gaddafi. I got a perfect score. It was mostly luck.

Marg Bar Diktator.


Blogger Mark, Ottawa said...

A human rights complaint is in order for taking the mickey out of the paddies.

Tee hee.


1:07 PM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

You can take the mickey out of the Paddy, but you can't make him, em, oh nevermind.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

Take the Paddy out of the Mick.


1:23 PM  
Blogger vildechaye said...

Jeez, baye, and all dis time i was tinkin' you was a newfie!

Just kidding. But can you just see the "anti-imperialist" (ha) lefties rushing to defend the Iranians over this 2010/Zion nonsense and, more seriously, their latest crackdown and the hypocrisy that accompanies it (in the form of ("how dare they interfere in our internal affairs") not a month after blatantly interfering in Egypt's. It's jaw-dropping is what it is.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

Newfoundlanders: Sea-divided Gaels.

5:09 PM  

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