Monday, February 21, 2011

Kudos to the Globe and Mail: Canada in Afghanistan Post-2011

Excellent work.

Front page editorial: "Ottawa should heed the advice of CARE Canada, which has called on the government to measure its post-conflict engagement in Afghanistan through the lens of improved human rights. Specifically, Canada could help tackle the barriers girls face in attending primary and secondary school; help train Afghan police in human rights; protect female leaders; ensure women are included in public-policy debate and peace-building; and focus on maternal and child health. . .

(Afghanistan's women's rights leaders say the same, although with a stronger emphasis on strengthening Afghanistan's embryonic democracy and strengthening access to quality education for both boys and girls. See the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee's Keeping Our Promises report.)

Susan Sachs: In broken justice system, women in Kabul find their legal voice.

Good work, Globe.

Afghanistan Canada
Life expectancy 43 (44 for men) 86 (83 for men)
Literacy 18% (36% for men) 99% (99% for men)
Membership in main legislative bodies 27% 25%
Lifetime risk of maternal death 1 in 8 1 in 11,000
Fertility rate 6.6 births per woman 1.6 births per woman
Primary school enrolment percentage, compared to boys 60 100
Secondary school enrolment percentage, compared to boys 33 100


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