Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day of Reckoning In Iran?

I'd like to think this is a crack opening up in Iran's Khomeinist armour: Several senior officers in the detested Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in Tehran, Qom, Isfahan and Tabriz have signed a stern warning letter to IRGC Uber-Gruppenführer Mohammad Ali Jafari. The dissident officers are urging Maj. Gen. Jafari to order the IRGC and the hated Basiji militias to "leave their truncheons at home" for Sunday's day of action against the regime. For their part, the officers declare: "We promise our people that we will not shoot nor beat our brothers who are seeking to express legitimate protest against the policies and conduct of their leader."

This must be terribly upsetting to the Toronto Stop The War Coalition's Zafar Bangash and his "anti-war" friends. Bangash and the pro-Khomeinist Canadian Peace Alliance had scored some successes in duping guileless Canadians with Tehran's failed propaganda attempt to spin the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings in their favour. It didn't work in Iran, where the people are wiser.

While the Khomeinist regime becomes ever more isolated (Iranian FM Calls For All-Out Ties With Zimbabwe!) here in Canada, only last week Bangash and several "anti-war" luminaries, including the U.S. Green Party's lunatic Cynthia McKinney and the useful Yankee idiot Phil Wilayto, got together for a little singalong in Toronto to celebrate the bloody Khomeinist counter-revolution of 1979. It was the very same day that the Khomeinist regime shortcircuited BBC Persian in a desperate and failed attempt to hide the facts of the Arab uprisings from the Iranian people - facts that completely contradict the Khomeinist propaganda line. Poor Zafar. Only a few months ago he was so optimistic: "If you can suppress the news, then you can make a lot of noise all around."

If anyone wants to use this as an opportunity to slag off the Canadian government, by all means, do. Here's some ammo. Why does Canada allow IGRC agents to come and go as they please in Canada while at the same time we criminalize the Mujahideen-e-Khalq? Answer: Because the Americans do. The Europeans don't. In the Yanks' favour, the Muj may soon be struck from the American terrorist list. You don't have to support the Muj to notice that whatever their past, they can now be reasonably described as "a moderate, secular and democratic political organization."

Here's to hoping things go well in Iran tomorrow. Here's to hoping that the Basiji and the Guards back off. Here are some brave young comrades from the other day with what's left of some Iranian harness-bull who didn't back off - a boot, a flackjacket and a truncheon:

UPDATE: As many as 15,000 Tunisians rallied Saturday against the country's Islamist movement and for religious tolerance, following the assassination of a Polish priest and Islamist intimidation of Tunisian Jews. See photo below: "Muslims, Christians, Jews - we are all Tunisians."


Blogger Admin said...

thank you izmir çetesi

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Blogger vildechaye said...

Dick Butthole: They don't have to, it's already a fact. Evidenced by 2 other facts: (1) Israeli citizens aren't marching through the streets demanding their government's overthrow; (2) because Israel is the one middle east nation that has -- and here's a phrase that doesn't seem to be in your vocabulary, dick -- democratic elections, which result in peaceful ousters of govts citizens no longer approve of. Strange concept, I know, but it seems to have worked well in Canada and the rest of the Western world, including Israel. Look it up one day.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

Sorry Vildechaye. A glitch in the auto-delete machine let poor Dirk embarass himself here again. I believe it is now fixed.

12:24 PM  

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