Sunday, December 12, 2010

Restrain The Money Power. Rebuild Human Solidarity.

The problem is not greed. The cause of the crisis is the failure of government regulation - that's what's new, not greed. Ambition is good. Democracy depends on it. We limit the reach of government, which is good; we should limit the reach of wealth - this too, would be good. Most people are decent. Limit the money power.

Michael Walzer:

As a social democrat in the Netherlands, I came to see social democracy's weaknesses, how it is vulnerable to outside pressure. Free markets are better than a government-planned economy. In America, the lessons f the past few months have been so well learned they will not be soon forgotten, but in Europe, there will soon come a time when the state will not be able to pay the benefits its offers. Free markets are best.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

Liberalism means free markets, not the law of the jungle. Americans used to be mindful about busting trusts, and took care to hunt down abuses of power. They are losing this spirit. The free market is best, but not without moral rules - this is what America has lost. In France, it is a mix of absurd and indecent greed, and an excess of regulation - the two evils. Look back on the barbarism of totalitarianism, its disasters. Its evil is written. We have yet to write the history of the moral disease. Look forward.

Bernard Henry-Levi:

I'm with Henry-Levi, Walzer, and Ali, in that order.


Blogger Sam Schulman said...

How can you "limit the money power" except by the most blatant kind of tyranny, a kind of tyranny that is impossible to overcome, and a tyranny that expresses the worst kind of greed - a greed without limit and that is impossible to satisfy?
Putin is the most active force in the world today in limiting money power. There is no limit on his power, potentially - except that his greed causes him to act prematurely to limit the power of Russia's wealth. Walzer is a good man, but has sentimental illusions about the power of money in private hands - sentimental illusions that disqualify him from your list of heroes.

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