Monday, December 06, 2010

More Drones, Please.

A pair of suicide bombers attacked a large gathering of anti-Taliban elders inside a government compound in northwest Pakistan on Monday, killing at least 41 people in one of the worst terror strikes to hit the country's volatile tribal belt this year.

On Jan. 1, a man driving a pickup filled with explosives set off a blast near the town of Lakki Marwat, where members of an anti-Taliban tribal militia were playing volleyball. At least 75 people were killed. In July, two suicide bomb blasts tore through a busy market in the village of Yaka Ghund in Mohmand, killing at least 65 people in an attack that authorities said appeared to be aimed at members of a local anti-Taliban militia who had been meeting in the area.


Blogger Anton Deque said...

There is a a conspiracy of silence over successful Coalition actions in Afghanistan on this side of the Atlantic (one broken by The Daily Telegraph last month). Apparently the government (and the previous one) didn't want to upset the voters by announcing how well we are doing: 350 plus Taliban leaders killed or captured and nearly 1500 rank and file similarly dealt with in three months. Are these facts reported by Canadian Press? In Blighty the grizzling media are always taking up defeat and ignominous retreat.

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