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Harper's Conservatives Guilty of War Crimes: Massacres, Rapes, Crucifixions, The Lot.

“They came and met with Taylor and told Taylor about how Bill would crucify—I mean, at the time, when you hear about executions, it was like nothing—but when they talk about nailing people alive to the cross, it resonated even among the wicked people that were there.”

The allegations - credible, voluminous, ghastly - concern a certain Bill Horace, a gentleman living the high life in Toronto. No one in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government is involved at all. I was just trying to get your attention.

The evidence, and the whole sordid story, has been meticulously assembled by the indispensable Michael Petrou, of Macleans Magazine, without benefit of a Special Committee of the House of Commons and with no subpoena powers, just the curiosity and the skill and the determination of a proper journalist. But because no cabinet minister can be implicated, I can't help but wonder how many of you will read the story. You should.

Elsewhere, Some Statistics for the Torture-Rendition-War-Crimes Crowd. Which raises the question: How much of the "Detainee Scandal" rumpus is driven by a concern for powerless people in faraway places and a concern for the victims of war crimes, and how much is driven by cheap partisan politics and a desire to smear Tories?

You will notice the hint of an answer in how closely Michael's story will be followed in comparison with how obsessively the latest "Afghan abuse" drama is spun. I see what we're all supposed to get worked up about now is how the Military Police Complaints Commission is holding close-door hearings. But before you make a fool of yourself by marching down Wellington Street brandishing your placards and your torches, you might want to ask yourself why this is happening.

It's because the House of Commons Special Committee on Afghanistan was supposed to resolve the issue of proper rules to govern the release of information sensitive to national security questions, and it didn't do its job. It gave you bread and circuses instead. But you're not supposed to know that. You're supposed to salivate.

So go ahead and drool. Bill Horace will thank you for it.


Blogger Bernard von Schulmann said...

How!??!! What?!@?! I am just freaking speechless.

Liberia from the Doe regime through the civil war and Charles Taylor has been hell on earth.

If the people in Liberia were not poor black people, the world would have intervened 20 years ago. But people in the west are happy to see black people die, they place no value on a black African person's life.

One the best quotes I heard on this was from an economist that studied what value a life Africa was to a 1st world person, the price of each life was less than $30, or as he put it, less than a pair of jeans.

Canada had a moral duty to speak up and the country did not. How does a man like this get into Canada? Why is he not being tried for war crimes?

6:40 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

People forget that the opposition is not doing its job if it is not holding the government to account.

What you call "smearing" is how the parliamentary system has functioned for almost 150 years.

As awful as this man is who lives in Toronto, it is not the government who was complicit in his violence. Perhaps his residency status should be looked at, but attempting to compare the two issues is asinine.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

You just don't get it Jim. Read the post again. Avail yourself of the links.


8:03 PM  
Blogger James O'Hearn said...

Listen, Terry. We all know that the real war criminals are the bland, suit wearing conservatives in Parliament, and that it is our responsibiliy to hound them into the ground, until they repent and admit their role on the world's ills.

Men like this Bill fellow are merely victims of their circumstances and environment, and not only would it be racist and imperialist for us to judge his actions, but it would be hypocritical of us not to acknowledge that we, as a society, are to blame for his actions, for our society is, of course, the root cause of the turmoil, strum, and drang tearing apart the distant corners of the globe.

If only Europe and North America had never existed , then the panacean Gaia of peace, cooperation, and love could have remained in place. Unfortunately we imperialists have spoiled the Eden the world was, which means that forevermore the fault for the world's ills shall lay in the hands of the western patriarchal power structure as epitomized by evil folks with world-controlling ambitions like Stephen Harper.

Sheesh! Didn't you take political science at university?

12:09 AM  
Blogger Old Brooktrout said...

Canada's always had problems with war criminals and other undesireables getting in. When I was a kid in Ontario, an old guy down the road was arrested for running funds and guns for the IRA. He was probably one of these romanticists steeped in the blood sacrifice nonsense of Padraic Pearse et al.

Thank god we're free to have discussions in Canada about such things as the proper treatment of prisoners, just war, and the behaviour of politicians.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

The "old guy down the road arrested for running funds and guns for the IRA" wasn't a war criminal, I would be confident to wager.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Patrick Ross said...

This reminds me of why I was rather concerned when the Conservatives attempted to accuse Irwin Cotler of being anti-semitic.

I proudly have in my possession a copy of Justice Delayed, the book Cotler wrote about the presence of Nazi War criminals in Canada -- a landmark work in the fight to bring justice to those very individuals.

We can't tolerate such individuals in our country -- whether they be Liberian war crmiminals, Rwandan war criminals, or Nazi war criminals.

That a story like this is being overlooked for a preference for political sensationalism is very alarming indeed.

2:06 PM  
Blogger daniel john said...

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