Monday, April 05, 2010

An Easter Monday Greeting From The Brave Abolitionist Ehsanullah Ehsan

Dear Friends of Afghanistan:

Let me wish you all Happy Easter, and would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for your very noble and generous services and sacrifices for bringing us, the Afghans and the world peace, justice, security and prosperity.

The challenges in Afghanistan have caused some of you to celebrate this great occasion of Easter away from your homes and love ones. We thank you and wish you all a joyous and peaceful Easter, the holy-day in commemoration of resurrection of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him.

Let’s pray for promotion of peace, justice, dignity, unity of faiths in religions, in ethics, and in all of humanity. Let us wish for this day bring us healing and peace to our suffering Afghanistan and the world as a whole.

Ehsanullah Ehsan, Director of the Afghan Canadian Community Center, Kandahar, Afghanistan.

In today's Independent, Ehsanullah explains his role in Kandahar's underground railroad: I always saw that – why do women have to wear burqa, not men? Why do women have to be treated so inhumanly? My mother was the one who loved me most. It was my mother who nursed me. Why alienate half of humankind? So, I thought, I have to do what I can do.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has just slaughtered at least 43 of our comrades in the Awami National Party. To our ANP friends: Canadians stand with you in your hour of tragedy.


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I doesn't take much reading of Terry Glavin to see that he would have been a great addition to the Nazi party propoganda machine.
I'm absolutely certain that if Maritn Luther King jr were alive today, that he would be getting attacked by the sick writings of Terry Glavin, and Mr. Glavin might get an award for his sick mind, but he doesn't fool me.
Treok Walker

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