Thursday, March 25, 2010

And What Fresh Hell Is This?

Visitors to this place will be pleased to know that the writer Shannon Rupp, my friend and colleague, has a blog: Fresh Hell. Some recent entries:

Cat Peddling for Fun and Profit: There’s no day so bad it can’t be improved by the hilarious, barely concealed rage of Australian satirist David Thorne. Over at his blog 27b/6 he recounts the tales of his encounters with petty authority figures, dimwitted neighbours, and general fuckwits. He’s an inveterate letter writer with a mad passion for torturing the irony-impaired. . .

Progressive Puritans: I just had the odd experience of reading an Alternet piece supporting views I agree with – that children should be rescued from the clutches of McDonalds and other junk food suppliers -- that left me cheering for the other side. It was so Puritanical and full of misinformation and zealotry that suddenly I saw the good in the faux burger supplier. . .

Pomo Editor Strikes: Facebook is “threatening to sue” London’s Daily Mail due to a copy editor who decided to spice up a story about how social networking is a hotbed of pedophiles. According to The Guardian, the Mail ran a story on how 14-year-old girls who post their profiles would be approached “within seconds” by dirty old men. Alas, this is not true. Jazzy, but not true. Even the writer says so. . .

And that's just a sampling from the last few days.


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