Saturday, December 27, 2008

There's Only One Proper Response Available: Solidarity With Palestinians & Israelis

Sage counsel from Eamonn McDonagh: "Israel must take every possible care to avoid civilian casualities and there should be no limits placed on the entry of food and medicine into the Strip. It should also strive to kill as many political and military leaders as it can."

Similarly, Bradley Burston, who looks forward to the election one day of an Arab as Israel's prime minister: "Nothing has been more instrumental in harming the cause of Palestinian independence than Hamas, with its brutal take-over of Gaza in a war with brother Palestinians, and its frank efforts to build a large-scale regular army force in the Strip." Keep an eye on Burston for a dissection of "the Alpha-male displays of the Israel-bashing right, the group which constantly berates the government and the IDF for not bombing Gaza into a parking lot, for not shooting and starving and freezing innocent civilians to death."

Let's remember that the Hamas leadership knew this was coming and looked forward to it, and only two days ago they were eagerly anticipating
"joining the bandwagon of martyrs." The IDF, taking every caution not just to minimize but to avoid civilian casualties altogether, should do its very best to oblige them, and send them on their way.


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