Friday, December 12, 2008

"With his eyes all closed and his head bowed down, My young man never sleeps."

An explosion at a mine in the Murmansk region of northern Russia killed 12 people just before midnight on Thursday, a regional emergency spokeswoman said.

Harbin (Xinhua) - Fifteen miners were killed in a coal mine explosion Sunday in northeast China, rescuers said Monday.

Hanoi - At least eight miners were killed and another 20 injured in a methane explosion in a coalmine in northeastern Vietnam early on Monday, local media reported.

Harare, Zimbabwe - The miners say hundreds have died. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change says it has the names of 140 people killed although there is common agreement that many have been buried without a word.

Manicaland, Zimbabwe - After issuing statements denying that scores of people were murdered in the Chiadzwa diamond fields, the truth finally came out on Thursday when the District Administrator for Mutare appealed to the City Council for land to bury 83 people.

The dust before his eyes is black, and oft the times, oft the times my young man weeps.

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Blogger Kurt Langmann said...

ahhh, Kate Rusby, one of a kind.

You might want to try the Unthank sisters, Rachel and Becky, from Northumbria. They shared billing with Billy Bragg at his St George's Day concert this past spring, and gave us all goosebumps (unique lyrics too in Blue Beezin' Blind Drunk and Fareweel Regality).

Not the greatest quality vid but here's a link:

11:35 PM  
Blogger Stephen K said...

Damn mining companies (not all but many) and the governments that protect them.

8:21 AM  

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