Saturday, August 09, 2008

Alliance for Workers Liberty: Against Ahmadinejad's Bombs

"The drive by the Iranian regime to acquire nuclear weapons is a drive to achieve the power to inflict mass murder. Any socialist who wants them to acquire that power abandons the ground of socialism entirely and becomes a native or vicarious Iranian or Islamic chauvinist."

The AWL's forthright analysis casts a cold light on a very real problem for the Left in Canada, where the "anti-war" movement was long ago transformed into the primary platform for Iranian and Islamic chauvinism in this country (instead of advocating for real peace initiatives). It's gotten so that you can't even tell the "anti-war" leadership apart from outright Khomeinists. If it isn't Khomeinist Zafar Bangash standing in as a spokesman for the Toronto Stop The War Coalition, it's James Clark of the Canadian Peace Alliance sharing guest-speaker billing with anti-semites at celebrations sponsored by the Iranian theocracy.

Don't be telling me that the AWL is exaggerating, either. It is now commonplace to encounter the proposition, as AWL puts it, that "Iran’s right to have nuclear weapons is an inalienable part of their right to self-determination." Here's how they put it over at "Hands Off Iran": "There is no doubt a sovereign and independent Iran has the right to trade with whatever countries it chooses, to explore possible energy supplies, including nuclear energy, and even to prepare for self-defense with nuclear weapons."

August 6-9, Hiroshima, Nagasaki.


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