Monday, August 27, 2007

A Bulletin From Our "Life Imitates Art" Department

A guitarist who once played in a band with Stompin' Tom Connors has died after tumbling off the roof of his Milton apartment building while being pursued by a swarm of angry hornets.

Wayne Chapman, author of such Stompin Tom tunes as My Home Town and The Bars of Vancouver, dead at 52. So long, Wayne.

From The Bug Song: ". . .until a couple of hornets take up the chase, I'm howlin'."

Here it is:


Blogger kurt said...

Funny, I was listening to Lonnie Donegan while I read this. Less ironic death perhaps, of heart attack, but he gave a great quote: "In England, we were separated from our folk music tradition centuries ago and were imbued with the idea that music was for the upper classes. You had to be very clever to play music. When I came along with the old three chords, people began to think that if I could do it, so could they. It was the reintroduction of the folk music bridge which did that." Interview, 2002.

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