Monday, April 30, 2007

An Insider's Account of Friday's Cairo Debriefing

It is now abundantly clear that the core leadership of Canada’s so-called anti-war movement consists of obsessive Israel-haters, apologists for theocratic fascism, and admirers of the death cult Hamas and the totalitarian Hezbollah.

Nobody can accuse me of “smearing the peace movement” anymore. The leadership of the Canadian Peace Alliance, the Toronto Stop the War Coalition and other such groups now openly boasts of its progress in converting the “antiwar” movement in Canada into a joint venture with the Islamist far right.

Last Friday in Toronto, these people made a full and self-congratulatory accounting of themselves and the promises they made at the recent “anti-war” convergence in Cairo ("Towards an International Alliance Against Imperialism and Zionism"), attended by some of the world’s most foul jihadists, Islamists and Jewish-conspiracy fetishists.

The most enthusiastic accounts last Friday came from Abigail Bakan and Chantal Sundaram, senior members of the formerly left wing sect that runs the Canadian operations of the British Socialist Workers Party. The SWP is a Stalinist groupuscule that allied with the Muslim Council of Britain to take over the British “anti-war” movement and construct the base for the Mosleyite George Galloway and his “Respect” Party.

Bakan and Sundaram were preceded in their presentations by Cairo attendees (and fellow I.S. national steering committee members) Sid Lacombe, campaign coordinator for the “umbrella” Canadian Peace Alliance, and Toronto Stop the War Coalition spokesman James Clark, who is also a member of the CPA steering committee.

CPA steering committee member and Cairo attendee Ali Mallah also gave a glowing report about his guided tour of the illegal Hezbollah police statelet inside Lebanon, from which he returned only last Monday.

Cairo attendee John Riddell, who still fancies himself a “peace activist” gave a positively euphoric account of his personal transformation in Cairo (Riddell was a socialist back in the Vietnam era, and still masquerades as one), and I am pleased to see that he told the Friday night Steelworkers Hall audience that he was most upset with my Georgia Straight column of last week.

All I have to say for now is, be very careful about what you say, comrades. It's just like this. I already know everything that each of you said last Friday evening in Toronto. Every last word.

We'll be paying close attention to this, too.


Blogger Blazing Cat Fur said...

Nice work Terry, boy I can hardly wait for "Marxism: a festival of Resistance" Wonder if they would allow a ''friendly" videotaping? Not sure I could stomach attending all 4 days however.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Graeme said...

It's a similar thing over here in the UK, Terry. The Stop The War Coalition website ( has a link to the Walberg article with the headline "Cairo Conference report: Anti-globalists reach out to Islamists". It's not surprising given the support for Hezbollah in last summer's 'anti-war' rallies, but it certainly is brazen.

2:42 AM  
Blogger Ellis said...

I had no idea these groups were so unabashedly on side with the Islamo-fascists. Unreal. Why doesn't the mainstream press slam these fools?

9:17 AM  
Blogger Transmontanus said...

Ellis asks: "Why doesn't the mainstream press slam these fools?"

My guess is it's because the mainstream press, not unreasonably, tends not to take the politics of the "left" very seriously.

Meanwhile, the liberal, left-wing and "alternative" press tends to focus on the excesses of the "right," ignoring contradictions and corruptions on the left out of a strange fear of being accused of letting the side down and so on.

9:37 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

WoW! This rips the "happy-face" mask off Canadian academic Marxism...returning to their dangerous and subversive radical roots?

Or is this just a case of insular coddled suburban revolutionaries getting a rush from hanging out with what they consider to be the "real guys"?

In any event it's frikkin' creepy behaviour and thinking for people calling themselves Canadians.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider that if these buffoons should happen to succeed in riding the world of smart productive people, they will be promptly murdered by the Muslims who will have no further use for these godless pieces of shit.

Am I wrong? Am I wrong ... Shut up Donnie, your out of your depth.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Blazing Cat Fur said...

Terry, whereever you are, you will I hope be happy to hear that I posted on the Marxism 2007 festival- it was picked up by Little Green Footballs, RelapsedCatholic, Damian Penny & Frontpagemag. Nothin like a little publicity for a good cause huh.

5:56 AM  

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