Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hinterland Who's Who: The Wood Spider on Drugs

"The Crack Cocaine Spider figured that building webs was for suckahs. He waited until the Caffeine Spider was exhausted, then came up behind it and popped a cap in its ass. . . for more information on the Crack Spider's bitch, contact the Canadian Wildlife Service in Ottawa."

Filmmaker/Author/Artist Andrew Struthers is an auld chum. I was pleased to bring his book The Green Shadow to my Transmontanus series (it was one of our first), and I use his The Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan in a course I teach at UBC. More of Andrew's short and weird films are here. You can hear Andrew giving out of himself here.

For some reason I found myself thinking about Andrew when I was reading this: Canadian Wins Damages In False Pie-Assault Arrest. I think it was the line: "He was too far away and was not in possession of a pie," British Columbia Supreme Court Judge David Tysoe wrote in his ruling. . .

Not implying anything. Just saying.


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