Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Vote Result All Canadians Should Like

Famous Mosleyite and Canada-basher George Galloway has been voted off the British trash-television show Celebrity Big Brother.

He was turfed from the Big Brother House by a public vote after three weeks of antics with such carnival attractions as failed Baywatch flake Traci Bingham, dreary pop singer Pete Burns, a rapper known as Maggot, and some Paris Hilton impersonator whose name I can't remember. Even they couldn’t stand him.

George Galloway is the “outspoken British MP” who made headlines across Canada last September when he came to Toronto and Mississauga to shout at us and call us names for sending our soldiers to Afghanistan.

Galloway, the leader of Britain’s homophobe-funded “Respect” Party, is the darling of certain pseudoleftists who insist, for instance, that Canada’s engagement in Afghanistan is an “illegal” and "imperialist" war of “occupation.”

Or at least he was their darling last September, when he was calling Canada a stooge of U.S. imperialism for working with soldiers from 35 other countries to help the people of Afghanistan rebuild their country after decades of war and fascist tyranny.

While Canadians have been getting killed and dismembered doing that brave work during the past three weeks, Galloway has been on the telly every night in Britain, crawling around in a fluffy white bathrobe pretending to be a cat, doing Elvis impersonations, dressing up like Dracula, and dancing around in a red leotards (you can Google all of the above for yourself).

But the pseuds have been quiet about George lately.

You’d think they’d be crowing about the British court decision this week that upheld a libel ruling Galloway won against the Daily Telegraph for its handling of documents reportedly found in Baghdad that appeared to show that Galloway had been getting huge annual payoffs from Saddam Hussein.

It could be that the silence is because the decision came down around the same time as the publication of fresh pictures of Galloway having a few laughs with Saddam’s son, the now-dead psychotic rapist and torturer Uday Hussein.

But for some time now, Galloway has been making it increasingly difficult for his friends to make excuses for him. After that pit stop in Canada during his shout-and-hector tour of the United States, the Bethnall and Bow MP put in some face-time with his pal the Syrian strongman Bashar “breath of fresh air” al-Assad. Then Galloway got voted Britain’s most expensive backbench MP by the London School of Economics. Then he found himself further embroiled in scandal related to his dubious “charitable” work.

Don’t get me wrong: The left has not been universally quiet about Galloway.

Last year, long before Galloway climbed into his red leotards, the popular left-wing writer Greg Palast was describing him this way: “Mr. Galloway isn’t really opposed to the war in Iraq. He simply supports another side. Apart from being a shill for Saddam (and for Stalin), Mr. Galloway is also a sleazy and corrupt dandy.”

Progressive columnist Marc Cooper described a Galloway speech to a Boston crowd last fall this way: “Since he clearly sides with the suicide bombers, the beheaders and the other psychopaths that murder civilians in Iraq and elsewhere, a wave of horror washed over me when I realized that the people in the generally well-dressed, well-educated crowd cheering Galloway were, in essence, cheering for their own deaths.”

And there’s Harry, whose headline on the Galloway’s Big-Brother House eviction on Thursday was the best: “Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Budgie.” And of course there’s always the ever-delightful Pop-Trotskyites.

If you’d like to give the Honourable Mr. Galloway your own opinion of him, directly, you can email him, here.


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