Monday, October 09, 2006

S.I. Condemns North Korea's A-Bomb Antics

The announcement by North Korea that it has detonated an atomic weapon in an underground test is vigorously condemned by the Socialist International.

Such a dangerous and totally irresponsible act threatens stability and peace in Asia and the Pacific, seriously undermining global anti-proliferation and disarmament efforts and the prospects for reconciliation between North Korea and South Korea.

Meawnwhile, over at DSTPfW, Spirit of 76 has a bit of fun at the expense of the North Korea Friendship Assocation, where among other things there's a Don MacLeod of Canada whose reaction to the news is:

Congratulations DPRK, This is truly a history changing event and one that will not soon be forgotten, let the imperialist's tremble at the sight of a Socialist Technical Revolution!!!

Who IS this wanker?


Blogger Stephen K said...

It is foolish on Ill's part, but even more foolish would be the UN chossing to cut off all humanitarian aid to PRNK.

12:48 AM  
Blogger Bob Broughton said...

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11:18 AM  
Blogger Bob Broughton said...

Here's my take:

11:20 AM  

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