Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Great my glory, I that bore Cuchullain the Valiant

It's all over but the politics, says Blair.

The Report confirms that the IRA is not engaged in paramilitary activity – no terrorism, training, recruiting, targeting, procurement, intelligence gathering, engineering – and that it is not involved, and continues to direct its members not to engage, in criminal activity, says the Taoiseach.

Here are a few good reasons (between Bloody Sunday, 1972, and the Good Friday Agreement, 1998) to do our part, to murmur name upon name, and to ask: What is it but nightfall? No, no, not night but death; Was it needless death after all?



Vol Tony Henderson Vol Terence McDermott Vol Martin Forsythe Vol Tony Jordan Vol John Finucane Vol Francis Hall Vol Daniel Burke Vol Gerard Fennell Vol John Rooney Vol Sean McDermott Vol Thomas Kane Vol Danny Lennon Vol Brendan O'Callaghan Vol Dan Turley Vol Jim McKernan Vol Margaret McArdle Vol Kevin McCrackenVol Caoimhin Mac Bradaigh Vol Patricia Black Vol Frankie Ryan Vol Pearse Jordan Vol John O'Rawe Vol Jimmy Roe

2nd Battalion

Vol Liam McParland Vol Jimmy Steele Vol Peter Blake Vol Tom McGoldrick Vol Charles Hughes Vol Seamus Simpson Vol Danny O'Neill Vol Albert Kavanagh Vol Gerard Crossan Vol Tony Lewis Vol Sean Johnston Vol Tom McCann Vol Patrick Campbell Vol Robert McCrudden Vol Michael Clarke Vol Jimmy Quigley Vol Daniel McAreavey Vol Patrick Maguire Vol John Donaghy Vol Joseph McKinney Vol Stan Carberry Vol Francis Liggett Vol Edward O'Rawe Vol Patrick Mulvenna Vol James Bryson Vol Martin Skillen Vol John Kelly Vol John Stone Vol Paul Fox Vol Sean Bailey Vol James McGrillen Vol Paul Marlowe Vol Tommy Tolan Vol Billy Carson Vol Kevin Delaney Vol Terence O'Neill Vol Liam Hannaway Vol James Burns Vol Tony Campbell Vol Brian Dempsey Vol Finbarr McKenna Vol Proinsias Mac Airt

3rd Battalion

Vol Henry McIlhone Vol Michael Kane Vol James Saunders Vol Billy Reid Vol Patrick McAdorey Vol Tony Nolan Vol Gerald McDade Vol Joseph Cunningham Vol Gerard Bell Vol Gerard Steele Vol Robert Dorrian Vol Joseph Magee Vol Samuel Hughes Vol Charles McCrystal Vol John McErlean Vol Edward McDonnell Vol Jackie McIlhone Vol Joseph Fitzsimmons Vol Martin Engelen Vol Louis Scullion Vol James Reid Vol Joseph Downey Vol Seamus Cassidy Vol James Sloan Vol Tony Campbell Vol James McCann Vol Patrick McCabe Vol Brian Smyth Vol Sean McKee Vol Frederick Leonard Vol Seamus McCusker Vol Martin McDonagh Vol Frank Fitzsimmons Vol Joseph Surgenor Vol Trevor McKibbin Vol Jackie McMahon Vol Jackie Mailey Vol Denis Brown Vol Jim Mulvenna Vol Laurence Montgomery Vol Frankie Donnelly Vol Martin McKenna Vol Laurence Marley Vol Brendan Davison Vol Thomas Begley

CLARE Vol Hugh Hehir

CORK Vol Tony Ahern Vol Dermot Crowley

DERRY BRIGADE Vol Thomas McCool Vol Thomas Carlin Vol Joseph Coyle Vol Eamonn Lafferty Vol James O'Hagan Vol Colm Keenan Vol Eugene McGillan Vol John Starrs Vol Seamus Bradley Vol Michael Quigley Vol John Brady Vol James Carr Vol James McDaid Vol Joe Walker Vol Gerard Craig Vol David Russell Vol Michael Meenan Vol John McDaid Vol Ethel Lynch Vol Jim Gallagher Vol Brian Coyle Vol Denis Heaney Vol Patrick Duffy Vol George McBrearty Vol Charles Maguire Vol Eamonn Bradley Vol Phil O'Donnell Vol Richard Quigley Vol Ciaran Fleming Vol Danny Doherty Vol Willie Fleming Vol Charles English Vol Tony Gough Vol Philip McFadden Vol Patrick O'Hagan Vol Gerard Logue Vol Paddy Deery Vol Eddie McSheffrey

DERRY Vol Martin Lee Vol John Bateson Vol James Sheridan Vol Danny McMullan Vol Antoine Mac Giolla Bhrighde Vol James Kelly

DONEGAL Vol Peter McElcar Vol Raymond McLaughlin

DUBLIN Vol Patrick Cannon Vol Colm Daltun Vol Mick Timothy Vol Christy Harford Vol Martin Doherty

ENGLAND Vol Michael GaughanParkhurst Prison: Vol James McDade Vol Brian Fox

Wakefield Prison: Vol Francis Stagg Vol Edward O'Brien Vol Diarmuid O'Neill

LAOIS Vol Michael Motley Vol Patrick Kelly

LIMERICK Vol Patrick Sheehy

LONG KESH Vol Francis Dodds Vol Teddy Campbell Vol Patrick Teer Vol Hugh Coney Vol James Moyne Vol Henry Heaney Vol Sean Bateson Vol Pol Kinsella

MONAGHAN Vol Sean McKenna Vol Peadar Mohan

NEWRY Vol Colm Murtagh Vol Patrick Hughes Vol Oliver Rowntree Vol Noel Madden Vol Brendan Quinn Vol Edward Grant Vol Patrick McKeown Vol Michael HughesVol Robert Carr Vol Brendan Watters

NORTH ANTRIM Vol Phelim Grant Vol Charles McCann Vol Henry Hogan Vol Declan Martin Vol Peter Rodden Vol Gerard Casey

NORTH ARMAGH Vol Michael Crossey Vol Charles Agnew Vol John Francis Green Vol Terry Brady Vol David Kennedy Vol Sean Burns Vol Gervase McKerr Vol Eugene Toman Vol Eddie Dynes Vol Sean McIlvenna

PORTLAOISE Vol Tom Smith Vol Brendan SeerySLIGO Vol Kevin Coen Vol Joseph MacManus

SOUTH ARMAGH Vol Michael McVerry Vol Sean Boyle Vol Francis Jordan Vol Sean Campbell Vol James Lochrie Vol Peter Cleary Vol Seamus Harvey Vol Peadar McElvanna Vol Brendan Burns Vol Brendan Moley Vol Eugene Martin Vol Malachy Watters

SOUTH FERMANAGH Vol Louis Leonard Vol Seamus McElwain

SOUTH DOWN Vol Peter McNulty Vol James Carlin Vol Martin Curran Vol Leo O'Hanlon Vol Francis Rice Vol Alphonsus Cunningham Vol Paul Magorrian Vol Colum Marks

TYRONE Vol Denis Quinn Vol Hugh Heron Vol John Patrick Mullan Vol Eugene Devlin Vol Kevin Kilpatrick Vol Sean Loughran Vol Patrick Carty Vol Gerard McGlynn Vol Seamus Harvey Vol Daniel McAnallen Vol Patrick Quinn Vol Desmond Morgan Vol Jim McGinn Vol Patrick McDonald Vol Kevin Murray Vol Eugene Martin Vol Sean McKearney Vol Neil Lafferty Vol Paul Duffy Vol Brian Campbell Vol Colm McGirr Vol William Price Vol Charlie Breslin Vol David Devine Vol Michael Devine Vol Declan Arthurs Vol Seamus Donnelly Vol Tony Gormley Vol Eugene Kelly Vol Paddy Kelly Vol Jim Lynagh Vol Padraig McKearney Vol Gerard O'Callaghan Vol Seamus Woods Vol Brian Mullin Vol Gerard Harte Vol Martin Harte Vol James Joseph Connolly Vol Liam Ryan Vol Dessie Grew Vol Martin McCaughey Vol Noel Wilkinson Vol John Quinn Vol Malcolm Nugent Vol Dwayne O'Donnell Vol Tony Doris Vol Lawrence McNally Vol Pete Ryan Vol Danny McCauley Vol Sean O'Farrell Vol Kevin Barry O'Donnell Vol Patrick Vincent Vol Peter Clancy


*Vol Bobby Sands Died on Hunger Strike May 5 1981* *Vol Francis Hughes Died on Hunger Strike May 12 1981* *Vol Raymond McCreesh Died on Hunger Strike May 21 1981* *Vol Joe McDonnell Died on Hunger Strike July 8 1981* *Vol Martin Hurson Died on Hunger Strike July 13 1981* *Vol Kieran Doherty Died on Hunger Strike Aug. 2 1981* *Vol Thomas McElwee Died on Hunger Strike Aug. 8 1981* *Vol Patsy O'Hara Died on Hunger Strike May 21 1981* *Vol Kevin Lynch Died on Hunger Strike Aug. 1 1981* *Vol Michael Devine Died on Hunger Strike Aug. 20 1981*


BELFAST Vol Dorothy Maguire Vol Maura Meehan Vol Anne Parker Vol Anne Marie Petticrew Vol Bridie Dolan Vol Laura Crawford Vol Rosemary Bleakley

DOWNPATRICK Vol Vivien Fitzsimmons

NEWCASTLE Vol Pauline Kane

PORTADOWN Vol Julie Dougan

FIANNA EIREANN: Fian Gerald McAuley Fian Michael Sloan Fian Eamon McCormick Fian Gerry Donaghy Fian David McAuley Fian Sean O'Riordan Fian Michael Magee Fian Joseph Campbell Fian John Dougal Fian Tobias Molloy Fian Joseph McComiskey Fian Bernard Fox Fian Sean Hughes Fian Michael Marley Fian Robert Allsopp Fian Kevin McAuley Fian James O'Neill Fian Paul McWilliams Fian John Dempsey

GHQ STAFF: Vol Jack McCabe Vol Thomas O'Donnell Vol Mairead Farrell Vol Dan McCann Vol Sean Savage Vol Seamus Twomey

SINN FÉIN: Jim Murphy Paul Best Colm Mulgrew Noel Jenkinson

Leicester Prison: Maire Drumm Sean O Conaill

Parkhurst Prison: Peter Corrigan Jeff McKenna Paddy Brady John Davey Tommy Casey Sam Marshall Fergal Caraher Eddie Fullerton Padraig O Seanachain Tommy Donaghy Bernard O'Hagan Pat McBride Paddy Loughran Sheena Campbell Malachy Carey Peter Gallagher Alan Lundy Pat McGeown


Vol Hugh Ferguson Vol Danny Loughran Vol Brendan McNammee Vol Ronnie Trainor Vol Seamus Costello Vol Colm McNutt Vol Tommy Trainor Vol Tony McClelland Vol Miriam Daly Vol Ronnie Bunting Vol Noel Little Vol Jim Power Vol Matt McLarnon Vol Roddy Carroll Vol Seamus Grew Vol Neil McMonagle Vol Brendan Convery Vol Gerard Mallon Vol Joe Craven Vol Paul "Bonanza" McCann Vol John O'Reilly Vol Thomas "Ta" Power Vol Mickey Kearney Vol Kevin Barry Duffy Vol Emmanuel Gargan Vol James McPhilemy Vol Alex Patterson Vol Gino Gallagher Vol John Morris Vol Patrick Campbell

England: Colm Maguire

Scottish Command: Vol Charles Carrigan General James Connolly Vol Iain McKenzie-Kennedy

COMRADES: Rose Campbell Hugh O'Neill Michael Montgomery Pearse Moore Mary McGlinchey Dominic McGlinchey Hessy Phelan Dermot "Tonto" McShane.


Blogger Simon said...

Hi Terry thanks for posting these names.I have always supported the Republican struggle from the day I visited Kilmainham jail.And then came up against the UVF in Belfast.I didn't support their bombing campaign against England. But their struggle against British rule and the Protestant bigots was a just one. Although I am really glad and encouraged that peace has come at last to that beautiful but unfortunately still divided country...

11:48 PM  
Blogger Scout said...

too many don't understand the desperation of the oppressed. ulster is so rich in beauty yet so torn with strife.

i loved belfast. sessioning with celtic players at a pub, divine talks witih a catholic and protestant over 'the troubles' into the wee hours. learning she, a catholic, couldn't speak louder then a whisper at his barbeque's as the protestant neighnours recognize her catholic country lilt and she'll get beat up when leaving.

drinking with old i.r.a. guys, repentant now as grandfathers, for having pulled the trigger.

one minute a cry, the next moment laughter. the passion and poetry forever going.

nice piece terry.

12:22 AM  
Blogger tglavin said...

Thanks Simon and Scout.

It's a family thing, but I sincerely don't know how to answer that necessary, unfair, unavoidable and horrible question, Was it needless death after all?

Remembering too that those names are just those of "our" crowd, and that there are as many British and loyalist names we dare not utter, makes the question even harder to answer.

The title of the post comes from Padraig Pearse:

I Am Ireland
I am older than the Old Woman of Beare.

Great my glory
I that bore Cuchulainn the valiant.

Great my shame
My own children that sold their mother.

I am Ireland
I am lonelier than the Old Woman of Beare.

11:22 AM  
Blogger cam h said...

Today is also the 29th anniversary of Seamus Costello's murder at the hands of the Official IRA. After attempting to work within the Officials and return the group to a militant socialist republican approach, Costello was expelled and founded the Irish Republican Socialist Party with Bernadette Devlin McAliskey and others. He was marked for death immediately after that, and was finally killed by the OIRA in 1977.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Scout said...

"Was it needless death after all?"

terry, i don't think anyone can answer that's more a matter of happened(s), so what do we do in the aftermath, how do we proceed to peace?

i had a fascinating conversation with the chief financial officer of the u.k.'s peace office on the ferry over to ulster. we talked a lot about agenda 21 and the implementation of 'system overhaul'. we were on the same page until i brought up scotland's new parliament and why they weren't being handed the key to the coffers.

the woman sputtered a bit and said 'they weren't ready and have to be trained'. i countered with 'what better then to do it on the job', but she would have no part of the end, british imperialism is too ingrained in too many and they shall never let the sun set on the empire.

10:47 PM  
Blogger John Self said...

Allow me to comment as someone who lived through 'the troubles'. There was nothing dignified or 'just' about the La Mon House Hotel firebomb, 'Bloody Friday', the Claudy bombing, the Enniskillen Remembrance Day bombing, or hundreds of other atrocities with which the Provisional IRA (and indeed Loyalist terrorists) kept the people of Northern Ireland terrorised for almost thirty years.

It's easy to romanticize an "armed struggle" when you're watching it from afar or visiting for a short time. It's quite another to live through it.

5:42 AM  
Blogger tglavin said...

Good one, John.


10:48 AM  
Blogger cam h said...

No one's saying there was anything dignified about those atrocities. But any Shinner-- and there are a lot of them these days-- would say that these incidents were the sort of tragic accidents that occur during a guerrilla war.

Also worth pointing out here that the plurality of PIRA volunteers were killed by the PIRA. Their "Internal Security Unit," also known as the 'nutting squad,' was led by a known British agent, and contained a number of other agents.

Recent allegations by former British spy and whistleblower Martin Ingram also indicate that British intelligence was behind the disgusting "human bombs" that targetted alleged collaborators and British soldiers in Derry in the early 90s. Makes you wonder...

1:23 AM  
Blogger cylon said...

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8:36 PM  

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