Sunday, April 01, 2012

Ya Think?

Duh: “Inclusive economic institutions that enforce property rights, create a level playing field, and encourage investments in new technologies and skills are more conducive to economic growth than extractive economic institutions that are structured to extract resources from the many by the few,” write M.I.T. economist Daron Acemoglu and Harvard political scientist James A. Robinson.

Thomas Friedman finds this fascinating.

Negotiate with this: Afghan officials say a girl and a boy have been killed in an acid attack in central Afghanistan. The girl was believed to be 12 years old and the boy 15. Locals say they were probably murdered in this way because they were friends.

The utter ordinariness of heroism: "Afghan witnesses said that when a 10-year-old Afghan boy darted under a vehicle, Specialist Weichel climbed under and pushed him to safety. Then the huge vehicle ran over Specialist Weichel, killing him."

Bravo Zulu Specialist Dennis Weichel.


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