Friday, January 28, 2011

What A Travesty. This Guy Is One Of Ours.

"Cindor I'm telling you as I told you two years ago we will kill you here in liberia so we are not going through the trouble of killing you in Canada Because we know that Canada will have you deported to Liberia."

Canada is on the verge of deporting Cindor Reeves, a man largely responsible for bringing to justice one of the most blood-soaked tyrants in recent history, back to his native Liberia.

Charles Taylor is now on trial in The Hague in large part because Reeves — of his own volition, without receiving anything, and at enormous risk to himself — helped the United Nations-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone build its case.

Tell Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to intervene. Now.


Blogger Chris H. said...

you must've overloaded Kenney's website....
His direct address is:

5:59 AM  
Blogger Dan Hilborn said...

Mr. Kenney,

I am writing in response to a story I read today on the MacLean's magazine website regarding Liberian refugee claimant Cindor Reeves, a man whose brave testimony at the Special Court on Sierra Leone has led to war crime charges against the dictator Charles Taylor.

While I understand that Mr. Reeves is alleged to have been an accomplice of Mr. Taylor for many years, these claims have never been proven in a properly constituted court of law. To my mind, even if these allegations against Mr. Reeves' are credible, I believe he deserves some kind of leniency and compassion due to his own youthful age at the time of the alleged offenses, the prevailing environment of lawlessness and violence in Liberia, and his subsequent attempts to live an honest life with his wife and children while in Europe and more recently in Canada.

I believe the death threats against Mr. Reeves are credible, and his life will be seriously endangered if he were forcibly returned to Liberia. As such, I respectfully request that some avenue be found to allow Mr. Reeves to stay with his family in Canada. For your information, I am a seventh generation Canadian of Quaker descent and have a heartfelt belief that whistleblowers, such as Mr. Reeves, who shed light on atrocities committed by heads of state deserve the protection of countries, like Canada, that profess a belief in the rule of law, the supremacy of truth and the power of forgiveness.

Dan Hilborn

9:16 PM  

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